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benjamin moore advance paint

Hi guys, watch as I brush out some ADVANCE satin finish paint on some closet doors and explain the benefits and features of this great product in both English and in Spanish. Benjamin Moore… …
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  • Mario Uvalle says:

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  • Dugan Paints says:

    We love Candice Olson! And we love her favorite colors even more!!
    #candiceolson #benjaminmoore #paintcolor #design 

  • Quest For Colour Ltd says:
  • Wendy Dew says:
  • Troy D says:

    What a total plug for Benjamin Moore paints! No real information here.

  • San Francisco Paintsource, Inc says:
  • freshnewday says:

    I sought out what colors Candace uses prior to painting my home. I am very
    happy with the results. For example, I used Cloud White for trim and
    cabinets. Benjamin Moore Advance paint is amazing. Although I am a novice
    painter, I can get a beautiful and smooth finish because of the excellent
    leveling properties. I highly recommend it to anyone painting cabinets
    and/or trim. Thank you for the video. I will make a note of these colors.

  • Grail Springs says:

    Best designer we have ever come across. Impeccable taste. Grail Springs is
    using Candice’s colour and design tips for our room reno’s starting next
    week! Thank you Candice.

  • Loretta Lewis says:

    I would love Candace to redesign our home. Her taste and designs are
    timeless,elegant and fun….One of my favourite colors is niveous too.
    Thank you Candace. You are simply beautifully amazing!

  • gimmedap says:

    She does the best rooms hands down.

  • Benjamin Moore Paints says:

    Good luck on the project this week using Candice’s colours and tips! We’d
    love to see a picture, or two. Feel free to share with us on

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