Does anyone know of a white paint that will not yellow? -

Does anyone know of a white paint that will not yellow?

Question by Mrs. Fuzzy Bottoms: Does anyone know of a white paint that will not yellow?
I’m tired of repainting my kitchen cabinets to only see them start yellowing again. I’ve used Behr and Benjamin Moore but it still yellows. Oh and I have used Kilz primer too. Any help would be appreciated.

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Answer by truth
Those paints shouldnt be yellowing, especially if they are latex. That usually comes from smoking or cooking without a vent hood.

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  • DIY Doc says:

    With all due respect, it has nothing to do with the paint or brand.

    I paint every day of my life, and have my faves, or will use what the customer chooses, but discoloration,,,unless the material being painted over LEACHES staining, is caused by natural situations, IE: Cooking, Nicotine, interior environment filtration of heat/AC, etc.

    Even if your walls and cabinets were glass, Mica or stainless, they’d still be subject to residual staining from many factors.

    Steven Wolf

  • Blue2Grey says:

    Try to use a coat of primer first that blocks and kills stains,
    You can get either “Kilz” or another primer called “Bin”.
    You can find them in any hardware store.

  • James M says:

    I was once involved in a cabinet making venture. What we found in paint cabinets was to use Automotive Base Coat white plus a Clear coat of Polyurethane.

    Take those cabinets down and give them a good sanding. They get yourself a quart of Base Coat and a Quart of Polyurethane Clear Coat.

    Spray them with the base coat and follow up with a Clear Poly Coat. The will last forever and be as smooth as silk.

    Absolutely no yellowing with Automotive paints.

    You might think this is a bothersome task, but frankly any kind of a sprayer works and anyone who can mix a bit of thinner with the paint can do it. I would never paint a kitchen cabinet with a brush or with Latex as it will look like an amateur job and wont last very long.

  • Jack the Toad says:

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