New Dining Room! & How I Painted It -

New Dining Room! & How I Painted It

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Paint Color Ideas For Dining Room

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • TiffanyDtv says:

    @0LucyC0 thanks! I got them from Restoration hardware years ago- but theres
    a website called bedbathstore that sells them cheaper 🙂

  • Jenners87 says:

    That is a gorgeous color on the walls.

  • idoadorefall says:

    The walls looked better before

  • mo575on says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love what you didi with your hair at the end

  • Jade Wierenga says:

    you have a really pretty, classic style!

  • winterhappy25 says:

    Where did u buy the corner table below the mirror? Thankk u 🙂

  • wonderwoman777able says:

    That looks fantastic!

  • TiffanyDtv says:

    @muysexy19 it’s pretty old- From Kirklands I think. I got it for a crazy

  • Rachel Hardin says:

    You have amazing decorating style! I have always wanted to paint a room a
    chocolate brown. So pretty 🙂

  • ashleyslatz says:

    Great video Tiffany! You are so multi-talented!! Can’t wait for more
    “random”ness lol. 🙂

  • MissCrystal says:

    I totally agree with you about painters tape! That is the crapiest stuff
    ever. I hate to paint but love the resutls, lol. Once I used the paint
    w/primer, I can never use anything else. I like the brown. It’s nice and
    cozy. Your table looks awesome at an angle like that! Thanks for showing,
    Tiffany! xo~Crystal

  • TiffanyDtv says:

    @Sara01977 My dad is an electrician so he taught Brad exactly how to
    install them correctly. You definitely don’t want to mess with electrical
    stuff if you’re unsure. If the fixtures bother you, hiring an electrician
    would be worth it to make sure it’s done correctly and that you dont get

  • Adriana Leal says:

    i love that you’re doing these home improvement videos,, me and my husband
    just bought a house and these are awesome tips on how to decorate it,,
    thanks! btw, your home is beautiful! (:

  • firmingitup says:

    At 7:16 Wayland is like “Yeah Mom, got you covered. You’re looking great.
    Keep it up”.

  • Immacolatina83 says:

    its nice but too dark for me, but you did a great job in painting it.

  • Christa Inao says:

    What kind of wood is that in the center and where did you find it? It just
    pulls everything together!

  • VaVaVouum says:

    House tour ,House tour ,house tour PLIIIIIIZ!!!!!!

  • xoxoLeony says:

    Also, are you a (fellow) military spouse or does Brad aka Wilson (hehe)
    just randomly wear his hair that short? 🙂

  • Cecilie Jensen says:

    House tour! 😀

  • Sara01977 says:

    Is it hard to change light fixtures? I have an older home that has one of
    those ugly gold chandeliers from the 80’s. I’d love to change it to one
    like your or maybe something with black, brown or wrought iron but I know
    nothing about electrical stuff and I’m afraid I’d shock myself. Did you
    guys do it or have an electrician do it? Light fixtures are pretty
    reasonable in price but it’s the labor that costs so much to do it. Btw,
    love the room!!

  • TenaciousBri666 says:

    I normally think brown is the ugliest color in the universe but I actually
    really like this! I love painting the ceiling to match, I think it makes a
    room look more complete. Also I laughed when you pulled your ponytail over
    your face and then kinda realized it was weird. You’re adorable.

  • Tanijones1 says:

    Nice Job, I love both colors. Thanks for sharing. My family room is similar
    to the red color and we use painters tape….which sucked. Love the table
    settings, you have such great taste and it makes your home looks so
    relaxing. 🙂

  • xoxoLeony says:

    H O U S E t o u r ! ! ! 🙂 Please? Everything about your home looks
    picture-perfect yet cozy and not like a furniture store – how do you do it?

  • babycakessugarplum7 says:

    @kandeesfan316 She said she got the sparkly plates at Pier 1.

  • pavarooti says:


  • boed indoz says:

    Paint Color Ideas For Dining Room 

  • boed indoz says:

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