AQUA MX24 Extreme Glow in the Dark Paint Daytime Invisible Range 1oz -

AQUA MX24 Extreme Glow in the Dark Paint Daytime Invisible Range 1oz

AQUA MX24 Extreme Glow in the Dark Paint Daytime Invisible Range 1oz

  • Ultimate Extreme Green Glow in the dark Professional Grade Acrylic paint. This paint was initially designed to be used by Professional Star Ceiling Artists to create virtually invisible painted ceilings. Goes on smooth and dries clear. Virtually invisible on light surfaces.
  • Non Toxic, Flame Retardant, Dries Waterproof, virtually crystal clear when dry. This product has been tested and used by professionals for over 10 years. As professional Cosmic Star Ceiling Artists we know what we are talking about, CHECK OUT our images for Cosmic Star Ceilings.
  • 1oz pot of MX24 Extreme Glow will cover a standard sheet of paper, however if you are creating mason jars or painting star ceilings 1oz will go a long way. 1oz of MX24 Extreme Glow will produce a good star field on a 25 sqft ceiling.
  • Able to be used in MOST mediums, dryies hard to the touch, slightly grainy. Can be painted on nearly any physical rigid surface, remember this is an acrylic paint used mainly indoors, paint on to a clear, white or off white light surface
  • MX24 Extreme Glow paint is NOT sold through retail outlets or by any other company. MX 24 is guaranteed to work with any direct light source. Sun light is the best and once charged WILL glow all night. Look out for your FREE GIFT with every pot.

MX24 was designed for the professional cosmic star ceiling market. Its super high gloss, crystal clear finish, & glow longevity has made it #1 for star ceiling professionals worldwide. All our paints are designed to be used on a white or off-white surface, making them virtually invisible once dry & needing limited light to charge. MX24 is an acrylic paint & uses the purest quality of Strontium Aluminate doped Europium pigment. Because the pigments are actually crystals that are charging & discha

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 9.99

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