How to Paint a Ceiling -

How to Paint a Ceiling

How to Paint a Ceiling

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  • DIY Home says:
  • avenger says:


  • Mark Sloat says:

    How do you clean textured ceilings? Like from Grease.

  • Gregory Oehley says:

    And as a final touch I like to butter and salt my popcorn ceiling…..

  • Samantha Roque says:

    Awesome! can’t wait to paint my entire house in/out, just 4000 sq ft 🙂 so
    excited! Thank you so much for the tips!

  • lovefeist says:

    Running the screwdriver around the edge does solve one problem, but could
    be creating
    a bigger one. Popcorn ceilings often contain asbestos. The fibers are
    smaller than the diameter
    of a human hair. Scraping that edge is releasing a fine dust that is
    raining down on you.
    You might want to have your popcorn tested before doing this. If you take a
    sample to a lab, or
    send it off, it costs around $50. 

  • Mutant Baby says:

    Why paint it anyway unless you want a different color than white? Can’t you
    just leave it as it as without paint?

  • PatriotAr15 says:

    If you think it’s a good idea to make your ceiling have a popcorn
    texture… *PLEASE* think about what a bitch it will be to clean dust from
    up there. I have popcorn ceilings, and they trap dust, and it’s *REALLY*
    fucking hard to get it off the ceiling without causing popcorn to fall
    everywhere. I would like to find the genius who thought up the concept of
    popcorn ceilings, and beat his ass.

    It looks awful… and is a bitch to clean. 

  • Samantha Roque says:

    I have to paint my ceiling becuase they look aged plus I lid candles at all
    times and they are getting grayish, cannot clean that!!! Also, I think I
    may use a spray paint, thank you for the comment below “spray paint”

  • Fred Greene says:

    Wow, just your foul language stopped me from reading or taking seriously,
    your post. You are not impressing anyone. 

  • DG Cresswell says:

    great help especially with edging and roller selection.

  • Jesusmalverde247 says:

    Should I use water or oil paint thank you 

  • Jesusmalverde247 says:

    What kind off paint should I use for the ceiling thks 

  • pw510577w says:

    I found my ceiling was VERY absorbent, really sucked up the paint, so I had
    to buy twice as much and do two coats, even putting each coat on thickly.
    If I was doing it again, I would either replace the ceiling with flat
    plasterboard, or use an airless sprayer with a primer coat then the top
    coat. Made a big difference to the room, so much brighter

  • Melanie Steed says:

    I see this works on a popcorn ceiling, but does this scraping method work
    on a lightly textured ceiling?

  • birdstuckinchimney says:

    I luv Pestos

  • DreamCity says:

    he forgot to mention 1 thing — your floor is covered in drips from the

  • platinumyumyum says:

    Great info, thanks.

  • scorneli1202 says:

    I love that idea of using a screwdriver to scrape a clean edge between the
    ceiling and the wall.

  • scoobeedu says:

    Is that aspestos?

  • Al Napierala says:

    either spray or roll with oil… oil will not activate popcorn

  • TS GARP says:

    Great video. Reall good info..Thank you very much you saved me alot of time
    and dislikes ?? Guess those are the people who hire others
    to do thier stuff for them.

  • birdstuckinchimney says:

    That’s a good question MSteed. What do you think? My feeling is that if we
    were all the same there wouldn’t be any difference!!!!

  • ridezarize says:

    Anyone needing hints, you should try .31 mil plastic to cover stuff/walls.
    It’s the thinnest painter plastic and works wonderfully, sticks well to
    tape also. A box of 9′ by 400′ is about 12 to 15 bucks. Spraying is the way
    to go if you can.

  • At0micWarl0rd says:

    I have to paint a similar ceiling; Popcorn. I’m afraid. Yes, I’ll admit it,
    I’m afraid. This is my VERY first time. I asked the SHERMAN-WILLIAM clerk,
    and he said “Good luck”. Don’t get me wrong, Sherman-William is a WONDERFUL
    paint store. It’s where I go ALL THE TIME!! But hearing that from him got
    me a bit weary. Watching this video comfort that fear. GET A THICK BRUSH
    FOR THAT POPCORN CEILING and just follow what this guy instructed. Thanks!

  • BostonBeerSnob says:


  • Lucky9b says:

    Sorry but I disagree, painting a textures ceiling with a roller, will
    considrably modified the texture and need huge amounts of paints. The tiny
    particules with retain a lot of paints and create small cones. IT’s a last
    resort solution. Still better to rent an airless sprayer, ask questions
    about the right dilution ratio and go for. I have done two rooms with a
    roller, then bought a spayer and did the rest of the house, Yes you need to
    cover the walls but what a difference.

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