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Tekton Design Lore-S Speakers $1399 pair

Tekton Design Lore-S Speakers 99 pair
Both tube amps acquitted themselves very well and each one provided an enticing musical presentation with the Lore-S. Ultimately, my feeling was that the Quicksilver GLA was the best match of this group being dynamic, full-bodied, musical and very …
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Part VI: The Woods Addition – The 'Eagle House' spurs interest, speculation
Mark and Kari recently agreed to let this writer see their beautiful early 20th century home. One of the most striking features of this home is the stone foundation, topped by the distinctive stained green shakes which have always been the color of …
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Standout ceilings: Incorporating wood, metal or color can elevate your decor
Traditional ceiling paint is ultra-matte white, but a quick tour through home-décor sites and paint-company brochures reveals that there are a million color options for ceilings, from bright orange on a porch to a subtle moss green above rustic wood …
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Color West Roxbury home green
Both are newly built, boast four bedrooms and a generous 2,800-square-feet of living area, and are nearly identical — save for paint color and a few other finishing details. The two-story houses each sit on separate but abutting 7,200-square-foot …
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