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A grumbling genius? Impressions of Degas

A grumbling genius? Impressions of Degas
“They live for cotton and from cotton.” The 1873 painting has multiple light sources and an almost photographic quality. The Giverny exhibition includes a room of Degas's little-known but exquisite pastel landscapes, which bear more resemblance to …
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Field Trip: Dale McNeil — Material Will at Tops Gallery in Memphis
He uses a palette of deep blacks, neon yellows and bright orangey reds — colors you might not use to decorate your living room with, but are nonetheless able to communicate the mind's calm sorting and categorizing, and also its nearness to total chaos …
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Pretty pastels: How to make a room fresh, but not too sweet
Often, on one paint-swatch card you'll find four or five variations on the same color, some very saturated and others with more gray mixed in. Consider picking one of the grayer, less saturated shades. It's useful to look through design magazines for …
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Tiny house trend 6 style lessons for small spaces
Monochromatic schemes, even a variety of shades of a single color family, can work; what's important is consistency to reduce the eye's ability to perceive spatial dimensions. — Strategically placed pops of color are fine; for example, paint two …
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