Adam Alter: Betrunkener pink tank -

Adam Alter: Betrunkener pink tank

” Drunk Tank pink “ist ein Schatten von rosa Farbe, die in der Regel zu benutzen Psychologen malen das Innere der Gefängniszellen. Die Gefangenen, die in es gesetzt wurden – oft TH … null Video Bewertung: 4/5

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  • David Gitonga says:

    Excellent proof reading that is fascinating and insightful

  • kittenkilla123 says:

    regardless of the type you love pink and do not want to feel about it lol subway.

  • SizzlechestXXX says:

    I thought it was disproved years ago?

  • ahhhandres says:

    Since it looks like pussy. Frank Ocean – Pink Matter

  • Ed Bruce says:

    All I know is a pink room makes me sick. Home shopping and Master étaitchambre was pink. The walls. The carpet. The ceiling. Pink putainétait furniture. My first thought was not comforting. My second thought was to get leenfer.

  • Austin Kelly says:


  • asdasdasdasd61932 says:

    should be pink coat is medium then

  • foxtrapper1972 says:

    I worked as an institutional painter, a few years ago. I can tell you estnous were first painted the walls pink psychiatric hospitals (based on some studies) (We were told) … And two years later, we repainted the entire clarify unevert (on the basis of another study) (or so we were told). Unfortunately, I can pasétudes specific site.

  • IamWaterCake says:

    I think on that the prisoner be ashamed to act. Bet all his companions étaientle tease and that’s what he calmed down. Same idea with the school.

  • Matthew Burt says:

    Holy shit, I was in one of these rooms Rose class. it made me sleepy as hell.

  • Martina Kirke says:

    each experiment must be carefully evaluated, and if it is not, it estinutile and implausible … it is the essence of the experience … if ceuxpersonnes who have experienced it, just forgot to see if the prisoner before ontutilisée for this punishment, it would be a serious charge … you really have enough information to say that?

  • zenTaurus21 says:

    orange and yellow, in fact, IIRC. Studies show that these colors on améliorerl’expérience food.

  • sn00zy says:

    Or because they by themselves …

  • Adolf Hitler says:

    My school was painted Drunk pink and green light match.Dang quiet tank, I brainpainted

  • vcostor says:

    He does not mention that after a few hours here genscommencerait in prison cells with almost psychotic behavior, and that is why it is not utiliséplus.

  • Nicholas Mac Rae says:

    Yes this shit has no education at all, but … Intellectuals have inherent rules in our society and conformerpar, which means they need argentafin eat them and can teach us. I’m not sure if I understand how the world “works” as you say, but I’m sure you do too.

  • SuperDarthKelly says:

    My father always told me that have prisons to punish prisoners. Devineril was wrong.

  • ARWguy26 says:

    These guys bomber Boston would have had more pink in their lives

  • kennyvd says:

    In this case, we agree. Strange comment that can be easily marked as spam.

  • Moh Baqir says:

    I wonder how it will affect women too aggressive.

  • MrTerraBubble says:

    You can see it in his eyes .. “Buy my book”

  • iCanHazTwentyLetters says:

    Can I please be the founder of Blue? And green? Thank you.

  • actuatedgear says:

    Drunk Tank Pink is the color of the sunset. Humans are diurnal. Suffisantrépondre for me.

  • Steve MyMind says:

    Fuck that was a joke, do not be such an asshole.

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