any ideas on a paint color for my living room? -

any ideas on a paint color for my living room?

Question by steven: any ideas on a paint color for my living room?
i have a large living room with lots of windows and light. my furniture is a dark blue and the big rug s black with dark blues. i have brown neutral colors like the floor aad end tables, so i was wondering what color could i put on the walls that would be eye popping but go good with the colors i have.

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Answer by Jilly1613
A lighter blue in the same color family as your rug would be great!! I always say “embrace your color”- don’t be afraid of painting the walls with color!!! Good Luck

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  • Shannahbanana says:

    I would also say the same…try to find a blue that works with everything you have going on….most ppl are so quick to paint the walls white!!! Have fun…..and you’re the one that has to like it!!!

  • Aunia says:

    Dark blue can go with whatever colour you choose, Blue jeans work with any colour, and the same is true for sofas. Personally, i think light blue walls would be too much blue, and i would suggest having a feature wallpapered wall with some ochre and blue in it, and paint the reaining walls fairly neutrally. Ochre is opposite dark blue on the colour wheel, so it will give you that “pop” that you’re after.

    I like this wallaper…

    Its quite modern yet traditional, so should go with most styles. It will cosy up your cool, blue toned space a bit more as well.

  • Nurse Susan says:

    With dark blue, black, and brown; add a light, bright shade for walls.
    banana, lemon, pale gold
    celery, sage, light lime

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