How to Apply Color Charts for Paintings -

How to Apply Color Charts for Paintings

Showing you my process for how to use your color charts for determining what colors to use for your painting. SITE: PATREON: …
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  • kommi1974 says:

    I also was going to add that you can make that backdrop with just
    primaries, and don’t need to get another color/hue. It just requires more
    subtle mixing (of course you already know this). I have used Ultramarine
    Blue, Cadmium Yellow Light, Burnt Umber, Alizarin Crimson and White for
    years, and there is virtually NO shade, hue or color that I cannot mimic or
    create. The ONLY exception and additional color I ever use is Phthalo Blue
    to get that ocean blue/green. This is exactly why I use a limited palette
    to force you into getting good at making those odd hues/colors/tones that
    you would otherwise feel the need to go out and get yet another tube. Good

  • Joy Pittura says:

    Thanks so much for these vids on color charts. Just seeing yours gave me
    the motivation to do them, however, I would luv to know how did you do
    those perfect grids. It’s taking me along time just taping, measuring the
    grids. I cannot find the 1/4 tape as well, thus using a larger size doesn’t
    give me enough room for my palette. I saw a site that sells panels with
    taped grids, however, the panels are too heavy I think. Also, thanks for
    the demo on how to apply them, just makes me want to finish them…but
    getting frustrated with doing the grids. Is there an easier way? Did you
    just measure the one inch, and then tape each one? Thanks Brandon for your
    time. Btw, I have posted a few of ur vids on twitter hope u don’t mind.

  • Amanda Blue says:

    I have been thinking about how you use your color charts.I found a color
    palette generator online but it does not really show all the range of
    colors. I can figure through mixing, trial and error, but color charts is a
    more efficient way to find right colors faster and stay in tone. Making the
    color charts is not appealing to me though. It seems like a lot of work to
    figure and get them right. I wish I could just buy some. I am going to go
    back to see your videos about making them again if there are none available
    to buy at low cost. I have a color wheel though. I need to go dig it out
    and look at it. Your set up is really nice. I want to improve mine too now
    that I have seen how nice yours is. Thanks so much for all your help. .

  • Sarah Foor says:

    Lol love the use of that fitted sheet haha 

  • Joy Pittura says:

    I luv the colors, saw your painting with the greenish, guess teal/viridian
    color very nice….

  • CatTalesCrafts says:

    Now I can see how useful those color charts are. It would be a great tool
    to focus in on the colors in a composition and to keep using them when I
    get that lost feeling and am clueless about what color I am really seeing
    as I get into the painting. I can use it to re-focus periodically. Great
    video! Thanks!

  • Sarah Foor says:

    On the right side of the still life on the floor area, were those canvases
    set up in a drawer? I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on. But it
    looked SO organized for canvases lol. I LOVE how you had the paintings on
    the wall with tacks and paper clips. I am going to have to use that! 

  • D'Lori Art says:

    Another great video full of info…Thank you Brandon!

  • Daniel Tovilo says:

    I only come on your video so I can say first XD

  • Patryk S says:

    I love the whole idea behind color charts. I need to do them myself, but I
    can’t bring myself to it (ordering canvas roll, mixing the whole stuff). I
    sure as hell will do them when I find some time. 

  • kommi1974 says:

    Only thing you need is an iron :P. 

  • Joy Pittura says:

    After listening to.the end of vid and seeing your painting here, I saw it
    on ur site..I think it’s ur best still…the viridian colored one…very

  • SchaeferArt says:

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