How to paint a concrete floor - Step by step guide on how to paint concrete floors. -

How to paint a concrete floor – Step by step guide on how to paint concrete floors.

How to paint a concrete floor - Step by step guide on how to paint concrete floors. How to paint a concrete floor, this video is a step by step guide on how to paint concrete floors the same process applies for painting most concrete area’s including… – Spruce up your ourdoor living areas by painting your concrete patio or paths. Hot tips: concrete is porous, so make sure you let it dry fully for a few days in sunny…
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  • David Joyce says:

    You do beautiful work man. Good job.

  • Peter Hewel says:

    I was waiting to hear you scream “will you just shut up?”

  • Jasmine Brooke says:

    thanks, beautiful job

  • Eric X says:

    Would the acid damage any metal pipe underground, next to the concrete?
    Thank you for your time!

  • Olivia Harrison says:

    Great video Thanks! I am doing this exact job in the next week or two and I
    just had a question regarding the acid wash step, the surface I am doing
    already has a worn down layer of paint on it so would I skip this step and
    sand lightly instead? The current colour is the pretty much the same as the
    new colour will be, just giving the front of house a facelift.

  • A. Tucker says:

    Beautiful job, but I want to know how long does the coated paint last.
    reason why I said this is because overtime especially on a concrete floor
    the paint will fade and then later you be saying what was the purpose of
    doing it the first time. is there a way for the paint to last on concrete
    floors after painting them?

  • HRnajbolje says:

    Good clear instructions!

  • 876beauty says:

    Oh my goodness…poor animal :(

  • Brendan Barry says:

    good work on the demo

  • Jason Champion says:

    Hey man… I think you need to check on your chimpanzee. He sounds a
    little sick.

    Oh, and nice video, thanks for the tip! :)

  • Femi Falade says:

    What paint did you use for this project

  • Shanae4rmMS says:

    I plan to paint my interior floors. Would I need to seal them for a longer
    lasting finish? What type of product should I use?

  • Apollo Piano says:


  • Tea Time says:

    I thought pterodactyls were extinct! Haha! Just kidding bud. I’m glad you
    made this video – I’ve been struggling for an idea on how to finish my
    floor in my studio. You pretty much gave me what I’m looking for, thanks!

    I was looking in to a resin method, but it just seems a bit much, and wayyy
    too time consuming. I’ve spent enough time working on my studio, I’d like
    to have the rest of it done this year.

    When I’ve got it all done, I might put it up on youtube. I’ve done some
    rather interesting concepts in it so far, and I have the perfect flooring
    idea to go with the walls 😉


  • George Allen says:

    Thanks just the instruction I am looking for

  • momasita1229 says:

    My basement floor is a mess. The basement floor has tile on it. The
    previous owner put carpet down using glue. The carpet has now been pulled
    up and now I need to do something to the floor. Can I paint it?

  • Adam Shepherd says:

    Great video, thanks heaps mate

  • Tino Hernandez says:

    What kind of acid did you use? Muriatic?

  • XxTheRagingGamerxX says:

    I am currently trying to fix my garage floor. I want to paint it but I also
    want it to simulate a wooden floor. I’ve seen some paints that are able to
    simulate the look of wood but only for furniture, is there one for concrete

  • Ken Johnston says:

    Love the video. And your “Water Blaster”, what we up here in America call
    Power Washer is really a better name! haha. Thanks!

  • Hoa President says:

    What is happening to that bird? I think this guys next video is going to
    be about how to sacrifice birds. Where’s PETA? Was this video directed
    by Alfred Hitchcock. I swear this is a missing scene from The Birds. 

  • thetruth says:

    is it better to paint or stain the concrete??

  • AL eng says:

    I love the cockatoos in the back. Australia?

  • Kosta Makris says:

    I’m considering to paint a concrete floor in my store. Could the floor
    become stained at all after painting? Also, there is a professional floor
    washing machine that will be used, could this ruin the paint or remove it?
    Do you believe that paint would be a good solution or something else to
    cover the concrete? Great video, thanks!

  • thetruth says:

    Can I use this product in NEW YORK STATE??

  • Barbara Manolache says:

    I need a primer for my cement pavers because the acrylic paint fades – but
    I also (!) used stucco caulk to smooth them so that may be the problem?

  • Brian Parker says:

    I won’t use this product without seeing the finished surface.

  • Ladislav Cibulka says:
  • certified30 says:

    and of course drain all those chemicals towards your lawn and grass, as it
    was nicely demonstrated on this video, so your soil grows nice flowers.

  • vaughnpaul1 says:

    I waited and waited at the end of the video to see the End
    RESULTS!!???????????????? I cannot believe they didnt show the finished
    look! Ummmm Hello I really want to try this and I am trying to decide
    between Staining and painting …..stain looks GREAT after it is
    done…..BUT Painting??????? I am NOT SURE….I never saw the end result.
    Went through the whole video, they showed us what and how and they painted
    and before it was done….the video ended. GREAT JOB! **dislike**

  • jaymart46 says:

    DON’T. There is no way to remove it …. or paint it over later. People who
    are suggesting it should be also including instruction how to remove it.

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