Paint & Coating Removal Tool for Concrete Floors "Scrape Away" -

Paint & Coating Removal Tool for Concrete Floors “Scrape Away”

Paint & Coating Removal Tool for Concrete Floors

Concrete Floor Preparation – Scrape-Away The most productive, economical and environmentally safe method for removing any dry…

Efflorescence can look like a white mold. Moisture and dampness moving through basement concrete can cause spalling and degradation of the concrete. The signs of efflorescence and the white…

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  • Cynthia Bleskachek says:

    Thanks so much for demystifying this situation! An unusually wet spring and
    poor grading created this in a section of our unfinished basement, we can
    now rectify on several counts . . . 

  • donnell688 says:

    fantastic!! thanks to you and youtube, i just 2 minutes ago found this in
    a couple of our basement walls, first thought thought it was a super
    hungry bad mold, thanks
    so much for your time and knowledge

  • lpgft says:

    is there a video somewhere which shows how to prepare these walls and then
    seal them. My basement looks exactly like this and I want to fix it !

  • Estella Alaniz says:

    Does efflorescence grow on metal walls? We have a metal, underground storm
    shelter in our garage floor. It has some small, white, powdery white spots.
    It looks like some sort of growth. We scraped them off, then cleaned the
    area with steel wool and spray painted over the spots, but they came back.
    Could this be the same thing that you are describing here? If so, can the
    Radon Seal work on this type of surface as well? Any advise is appreciated!
    Thank you.

  • Dawn Munson says:

    This looks just like my basement and according to my landlords friend a
    black mold expert there is some black mold downstairs but you save the
    landlords some bucks and let him do it him self..Also we have the
    coindition on this You Tube Video and according to this video you need to
    get some Radon Seal..Well knowing my ever so smart landlords they never
    heard of that so they wont be on top of this one either.. So we are giving
    are notice but between this and the black mold we have 2 yrs already .

  • aaaflooddrying says:

    If you have concerns, you could call an industrial hygienist and have your
    basement tested.

  • MsSharkit says:

    I have a slow leak in one wall in my basement and the carpet and underlay
    served as a sponge to move the water through most of the basement over
    time. I have removed some carpet but not all. I now see some white crystals
    forming where the carpet used to be. Could this be efflorescence?

  • aaaflooddrying says:

    Again you should have it tested. But you probably have the circle of life
    going on. Moisture and biofilm as well as dust make mold. Mold is eaten by
    dust mites. Dust mites are eaten by spiders. Spiders make spider webs.

  • Molly Remedios says:

    wow.. its great that you can differentiate mold from efflorescence… if I
    were in the situation I may be over reacting too well :D… thanks, sounds
    like there’s another word added in my vocabulary…

  • aaaflooddrying says:

    I did not know the difference. I had to do research to learn that what
    looked like white mold was actually efflorescence. When you find out its
    just concrete breaking down, its not good but its not mold. The problem is
    that the efflorescence does indicate excess moisture that definitely causes
    mold. Almost every time I find efflorescence, I find mold. It is a canary
    in the coal mine. Some times mold colonies within the efflorescence on the
    concrete are not visible. Clay, AAA Flood Drying

  • aaaflooddrying says:

    Sorry for your situation, mold is no fun. The white stuff is not mold, but
    it indicates the presence of moisture that can cause mold. The elevated
    moisture coming through the wall can raise the humidity in the room. The
    elevated dampness can lead to mold growth on nearby walls or on anything in
    the space. Having a professional clean up the mold is important so that
    mold is not spread to the rest of the living space. Hope I was helpful, and
    good luck finding a new place. Clay

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