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Exterior Painting Step 7: Spray Painting the House

John Burbidge, author of the book “Watching Paint Dry,” shows how to spray paint the exterior of your house and get pro results. Visit http://www.howtopaintahouseright.com/ to view a complete…
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This Old House host Kevin O’Connor discovers pro painter Rich O’Neil’s secrets for brightening up old doors with a coat of paint. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE…
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  • JN 2013 says:

    I was told to top coat the house twice after the primer. Would you remove
    the masking and remask in between?

  • Ryan Campbell says:

    Thanks for the great videos. I have HardiPlank on half of my house, and
    engineered T-111 on the other half. All of it is painted. I am planning on
    painting it this summer. Do you backroll the T-111 like I have, or is
    spraying it going to be good?

  • Vinicius Santo da Cruz says:

    why you use the roller after paint?

  • Wes T paintninjagc says:

    I dont know why painters do this. When you are spraying anything with an
    airless, and there is a risk of overspray, i.e. soffit, you use a fine
    finish tip. I use them for every job, including heavy roof membrane.
    You reduce your overspray by 70% or better. Painters need to learn the
    tips, sizes, and what they are used for. red tips (wagner) and blue tips
    (graco) are for amateurs. Simply turning pressure down, doesnt cut it im

  • hoplite101able says:

    Great stuff John thank you also, i am half way through reading that
    excellent book of yours mate I absolutely love it been in the trade my self
    basically I am you but wanted to get into politics as opposed to writing..

  • Joshua Martin says:

    this guy is awesome. what a good trades person

  • peggyt1243 says:

    Great job except for the color. Did someone actually choose that?

  • James Besel says:

    You are not exactly showing people the right way to spray paint. Most of
    your points are correct, but your comment about gutters are completely
    WRONG!!! Also, you will get horrible spray lines by the way you
    demonstrated painting. Gee, did you ever watch a Graco Video? You might
    want to try it sometime. You might learn something, and stop giving bad

  • Jesica Ibarra says:


  • brandon harrison says:

    I cant use those four finger triggers, they kill my hand after a day of
    spraying. I invested in a few contractor 2 graco guns over the years. And
    now my hand thanks me everyday. By the way nice masking job.

  • Larry Sunderman says:


  • edmund hamill says:

    why don’t ye just paint the God damn house with a roller and brush, all
    that changing about from roller to spray, could ye be arsed

  • John Fontenot says:

    Great vids! As I will need all the help I can get when I paint my house.
    What size tip do you recommend for an airless sprayer with acrylic (latex)?

  • Ingrid Hsia says:

    Hi John, we are having our house painted. It has wood siding on the front
    and stucco the rest of the house. We got one quote where the painter said
    he will spray/back roll followed by a second spray. Another quote said
    spray followed by back roll only. Which one is the better approach?

  • John Moses says:

    Hey John! I enjoy all your videos and I am a painter myself. I have been
    painting a lot of hardi plank lately and I always use a mini roller and
    back brush. I always have to do 2 coats. Can I get by with 1 coat if I
    spray it and under what circumstances do you put 2 coats on an exterior
    job. I know some painters that say you never need 2 coats on exterior
    unless you change colors. Thanks!

  • Monchi901 says:

    What brand of Spraying Machine are you using?

  • Flor de Maga Boricuacomoelcoqui61 says:


  • john walker says:

    i was a painter for 30 yrs if you back roll there is no need to spray do
    all that tape extra expence rent airless sprayerlike he used 75.00 day 

  • Mose Vaega says:

    You Spaying it too thick for the first code my man i Hear it when you
    Rolling it but still Looks sharp great video 

  • Jon Premo says:

    Nice video, great tips! Very clear and understanding.

  • Sandeep Pathria says:

    awesome GOD BLESS YOU i salute you teacher

  • patrick castillo says:

    Cool vid. Which paint sprayer do you use?

  • David Malone says:

    Did you cut in all that LP siding where it meets the soffet? I would have
    just masked all that off the next day after you sprayed the gutters and

  • Mike Money says:

    you wrote a book and yet you have an entry level DIY spray unit?

  • flexor212000 says:

    Thanks. I do have a question. On my house I have a lot of vertical pieces
    of wood on the exterior. It’s for looks but they are spaced at pretty much
    every stud point. They are like 1in by 1 in. So when I spray should I paint
    vertically or horizontally since I don’t have a flat siding surface. It
    looks kinda like the top half on the house you are painting here. I’m just
    wondering what would work best for these pieces since the existing paint
    didn’t stick from previous painters. Thanks!

  • itsmeek says:

    Wow, really? These two irish guys need to never perform work on a home

  • donny sweeney says:

    god this video is a joke.

  • Monica Sonmez says:

    you never hang the doors to paint 

  • krn14242 says:

    Spray paint works good also. 

  • Grant Laird Jr says:

    I am not sure why you would want to paint over good/pretty wood cabinet in
    your kitchen. My kitchen cabinet was already painted yellow when I
    purchased a house years ago. It was not pretty and wish they never paint
    it. It would be too messy to remove all old paints, the best optional is to
    install new cabinet. Perhaps it’s better to re-stain than paint over. What
    do you think?

  • seephor says:

    Painted cabinets look like shit. Sand and apply gel stain.

  • Dusty G. says:

    caulk the joints before painting. looks way better

  • Abunai One says:

    Who paints the back side of the cabinet doors? I just keep mine shut.

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