How To Paint Furniture Like a Pro -

How To Paint Furniture Like a Pro

Visit DecoratingMagic on Face Book and Pinterest and Twitter.‎ Step by step instructions on how to faux paint furniture. Basis for Distressed, Shabby…

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  • DecoratingMagic says:

    To Marlene Romanelli. For some reason I can’t reply to your comment, and I
    wanted to say how much I appreciate your comment. I hate when technology
    defeats me, so I hope you see this! Best if luck with your project, and
    please look for DecoratingMagic on FB. Susan

  • Man na says:

    Boy, Southerners have no taste or class! You are destroying a furniture

  • Jenny Regeling says:

    Hi Susan – Loved watching your video – what a gorgeous yet simple piece of
    furniture, which turned out so stunning! I am always interested in
    watching how others work their trade. Thanks for sharing, Jenny @ and

  • Sultana Ali says:

    hi there! I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for sharing your skills with us
    and knowledge! i cant afford to send my stuff to be done and really
    appreciate you posting this vid. You are amazing and i will add Classy 😉
    I cant wait to do over my perfectly wonderful wooden table, that isnt
    damaged or bruised. The varnished wood just doesnt fit in. Time for a
    change. So what if one chooses to redo a perfectly fine piece of furniture,
    not like they’re dumping it in someone else’s home! It’s theirs they can do
    whatever they want to it! Just my humble opinion.
    Again, thank you. Hope to see more vids.

  • Rob Coughtrey says:

    Thank you for your uploads. I’m starting out creating my own little small
    garage business with restoring old furniture 

  • DecoratingMagic says:

    Karina Aponte….for some reason I cannot reply directly to your question.
    There may be some way to save your headboard; but I would need to see a
    picture of it to give you a good solution. Hopefully you will get this
    message. Send the pic to my DecoratingMagic FB page. Thanks, Susan

  • PeachyMangoPie says:

    Hi I enjoyed watching this. It would be useful for future use should I
    desire that antique shabby chic look. Now however, I just wanna know how to
    paint my dark glossy cherry brown wooden vanity table set w a mirror to a
    nice white modern looking colour ? Should I skip the sanding step and that
    antique glaze step? I’m trying to save $ instead of having to buy a New
    white vanity table if painting costs lesser. And how do I paint without
    spilling onto the mirror.
    And do I use the same type of paint to paint metal? Please advise. 

  • nangky says:

    I love this. Inspired me to try … Thank you so much.

  • C MICHELLE says:

    there is this desk I want to get from the thrift store that has been there
    for a while….the top surface of the desk has really horrible deep chips
    in the wood making it uneven…I wanted to use it as a vanity or sewing
    desk….do you have any tips as to what I can use to fill in the
    chips…would it be plaster it and sand it smooth?

  • Arlene Bueno says:


  • Webb Surfer says:

    Great tutorial, thanks a lot for your advice

  • Kathleen Herman says:

    I love what you did to this little table. It is fabulous. I think I may
    have stepped away when you noted what kind of paint you used. I saw the
    primer part but missed the color and brand of the final coat. Thanks for
    sharing. Love it.

  • Victoria Hawksworth says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say that of all the videos I have watched yours has
    been the most comprehensive and helpful! Explaining simple things like the
    differences between types of paint and waxes really does make things much
    easier to understand. Thanks for the help, x

  • Ioana D says:

    It came out great, I really love the result! I’m about to paint some old
    wooden shelves, I hope they’ll come out nice too, since it’ll be the first
    time i’m doing this.

  • Missy Minx says:

    I love your videos. = D How great, not only you teach us how to paint it
    but also give us options of what we could do later. Thanks.

  • Alexi Scurtu says:

    This is so helpful! I was searching for a long time for a step-by-step
    tutorial on how to refurbish old furniture, and I have finally found you!
    🙂 I think you gave me the impulse to start reconditioning that old makeup
    table I have, wish me luck!

  • Leo Figueredo says:

    Excelente!!!! Gracias por compartir—-

  • DecoratingMagic says:

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Thank you for watching my channel and
    for all the nice compliments. i enjoy answering your questions and welcome
    them. It is easier for me to answer them on my FB page, DecoratingMagic.
    YouTube filters my comments and marks many as SPAM, and I cannot reply to
    those for some reason. So, if you sent me a comment, and I didn’t
    reply…that is the reason. Thanks again for watching. Susan

  • elia mahnaz says:

    WOW that’s perfect!! it looks 100% vintage. 

  • Jessica Smith says:

    I never like the distressed look because it always seemed to looked dirty
    and “itchy” but after watching this video it from start to finish has made
    me appreciate the distress look and the work that goes into it. Thanks for
    this video. I just might try it (smile). Be Blessed. 

  • Lise Marie says:

    Thanks so much! I’ve been looking for the best (cleanest and quickest) way
    to distress furniture and now I think I’ve found it 

  • princessladylee says:

    Hello Susan! I truly love the this tutorial, Is exactly what I was looking
    for!, 29 minutes of my time most worth it in learning something from you,
    thank you again. Also I got a vanity that have a lots of character on it
    and I do really like the way is now but have some damages on the top, that
    Im affraid to mess even worse, still need to retouch the whole piece but I
    would love your advice. Were I can send you a picture of the piece and the
    area of damage? Thank you!!!! 

  • Sommer Smith says:

    Best tutorial on YouTube. Really inspiring for me! I would love to do this
    for a living! :)

  • Klonsebia says:

    Yes!!!Found a set of three small tables at the local used furniture traders
    for a good price and just like I wanted with a glass that can be
    lifted!)))Gonna do the same thing that you showed us!Feeling excited) Thank
    you once again!;)

  • Jocelyn Neville says:

    Excellent..loved your tutorial, am ready to begin..Thanks

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