Painting A Room In 1 Hour. Painting Walls Fast. -

Painting A Room In 1 Hour. Painting Walls Fast.

How to paint a room in your house in less then 2 hours. Some simple tips and tricks to make the interior painting process and little easier and faster. If you have found our videos helpful,…
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John Burbidge, author of the book “Watching Paint Dry,” gives his opinion on the essential house painting equipment DIY painters want to have. Visit to…

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  • The Idaho Painter says:

    A quick “like”, the thumbs up really helps. Please give it a click.

  • Adrian L says:

    How long would it take if you used a airless sprayer. 

  • Paul Rhodes says:

    Another amazing video these guys are good! What nap roller did you guys use
    for this textured walls? I know usually you guys use 3/8 but I noticed
    these walls have a bit more texture than the ones in your other videos well
    it seems like it. I am usually painting orange peel texture here in
    California and sometimes seems like 3/8 might not be enough but wanted your
    advise Chris. Thanks again have a wonderful day.

  • Paul Rhodes says:

    So I assume your repainting the baseboards would you do them last? Thanks

  • theresa jurrus says:

    Chris I have an old house and need t paint. The walls are from 1957 and are
    cracking. It looks like just the paint. Also how d you paint a coved
    ceiling a different color than the walls. I’m thinking about painting
    everything white just so I don’t have to worry about that though. Thankÿou
    for you awesome videos. I just found you and I am enjoying you.

  • Amanda Butler says:

    Have a new house, wanting to start painting the interior walls. Do we need
    to prime before? we are looking into buying Behr paint with primer.

  • daniel challenger says:

    what is in your touch up kit? 

  • LokiCoyote77 says:

    love the videos…but damn is it ever hard to hear you!… volume is maxed
    out and I still have to keep rewinding 2-3 times in a lot of parts :P

  • Paul Rhodes says:

    Thanks Chris! I asked because I was using 3/8 Purdy White Dove for some
    time now and seem to be fine but had several painters in my area tell me
    3/8 was too small for orange peel texture they said 3/8 doesn’t hold enough
    paint and your always going back in the pan to reload. They also said that
    the 3/8 nap will not push the paint into the texture I mentioned you use
    them all the time they said it might be because your rolling walls that are
    smooth or have very little texture so kind of got me to thinking so I
    wanted to check with you on textured walls nap. Thanks for all your help
    have a blessed Sunday.

  • superwhiz88 says:

    painting is easy prepping is the time waster

  • theresa jurrus says:

    I am not a painter. Lol.m 

  • Fred H says:

    So you cut light paint then cut again with normal amount of paint?

  • Paul Rhodes says:

    What size brush do you recommend for a duster brush? Thank you for so many
    great videos

  • Casey Laski says:

    Chris, thank you very much for your videos. I’ve seen mixed answers on this
    all around the internet and want to ask an expert: When should primer be
    used, and when can it be avoided?

  • ray smith says:

    5:43 in video lol notice how much paint is around electrical outlet.
    hahahahaha. without that he could have painted room in 57 minutes. lmao

  • Rrumenike29 says:

    Thanks for that tip stone cold Steve Austin 

  • KB PAINTING says:

    Final touch up kit??

  • Terry Beutler says:

    Roll coat dutch rolling , yep like your style . you got Sw to cover in 2
    coats wow . emerald i can see. .For your caulking tape method I generally
    use clear , I guess it wouldn’t matter as long as it’s sealing your tape .

  • The Idaho Painter says:


  • Nick Dunse says:

    One hour? 3 men x1 = 3 hrs plus

  • Wes T paintninjagc says:

    Have you seen the spray wheel for cutting in with the airless and have you
    tried it yet? I think it would be very fast when you get it set up right.

  • Djkyle65 says:

    What rollers do you use the rollers i seem to buy never hold much paint

  • eyeslave1 says:

    Chris, do those sherwin williams military style collapsable ladders work
    well. Are they worth the amount of $ they cost. They look cool, but how do
    they hold up in the field especially in windy conditions? Please respond to
    this. Thanks.

  • The Idaho Painter says:

    Take the tape off immediately. The do touch ups when it is dry. Thank you
    for watching our videos. Due to the vast quantity of emails and comments I
    respond to from almost 3k subscribers and 2 million views I am sometimes
    late answering questions. This is all free of charge. If you would like to
    help in this effort or would like a video topic made and posted, I do take
    donations on Paypal. It helps keep my motivation up. See my channel for
    Paypal email address.

  • stan0966 says:

    Good work guys

  • Electromagnetic Humanoid Tabletop Roleplaying says:

    Just watched your room series, cool. Liking the decision to go with one
    good brush for the majority of work. Nice to see how professionals avoid
    getting more paint on themselves than the surface!
    Prefer taping off for cutting in on trim… paint the trim first, then mask
    off on that smooth surface for a perfect finish with the wall. Especially
    for people like me who don’t cut in on a daily basis professionally.
    However a professional can’t often do this as they can’t always wait around
    for the trim to dry hard enough to take the tack of the tape safely without
    risking a disastrous peel. With this method you have to take care that the
    tape is good quality and clean (keep in a plastic bag), and that the gloss
    of the overlap onto the wall is covered well enough not to flash through at
    Grew up hearing the saying ‘a bad workman always blames his tools’, but the
    bottom line is, no matter how good you are, you can’t paint the Mona Lisa
    with a broom! Get a good brush and roller!
    Cheers John, sorry I can’t hire you as I’m on the other side of the

  • Tri County Painting says:

    Great video! We wish you luck. as a professional painter in riverside, we
    support all painting contractors. Good luck. 

  • Douglas Emmons says:

    What about sprayers? Do you use them? What do you think of them? I have
    been painting a short time and I started with a Wagner. I want to buy a
    airless some day but my uncle discourages me from doing so. I wanted to
    know what you thought about spraying???

  • Douglas Emmons says:

    What about sprayers? Do you use them? What do you think of them? I have
    been painting a short time and I started with a Wagner. I want to buy a
    airless some day but my uncle discourages me from doing so. I wanted to
    know what you thought about spraying???

  • John Fontenot says:

    Great work! What should I use to clean a pre-primed steel door before
    painting it?
    I know to sand it a little bit. Should I use TSP or denatured alcohol? I
    don’t wanna screw it up, lol. Thanks!

  • Oona Burke says:

    you remind me of an english instructor at eiu (unfortunately, he is no
    longer with us on earth..sad day) – very cool, mr. burbidge.

  • SurlySteve1 says:

    John. Another good video ya nutter ! Cheers Stevie from Scotland.

  • Handlegrip says:

    I don’t see the knee pads John

  • Handlegrip says:

    never mind. you had them hiding in your toolbox. They are essential for
    helping some painters get the job then maybe even use them on the job.

  • wymeranth says:

    That Purdy brush is excellent…I just used it for painting. Great

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