Snow White - Photoshop Painting & Drawing For Kids -

Snow White – Photoshop Painting & Drawing For Kids

Snow White - Photoshop Painting & Drawing For Kids

Snow White is a fictional character and a main character from Walt Disney Productions’ 1st animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The charact…

This Frankenstein mask is fun, quick, and perfect for little boys. Happy Halloween! Facebook: Products Used: Paint: Wolfe white and black, FAB red, TAG light…

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  • Kids Fun House says:

    Snow White – Photoshop Painting & Drawing For Kids

  • meredith small says:

    You are always so upbeat and it’s clear that you love this craft! Thank you
    for sharing this tutorial – I learnt from it & I will look forward to
    trying to recreate a similar look! It is quite funny to see your cheerful
    smile under all that monster make up!! ~M x 

  • MyCarly22 says:

    love this!!!

  • glycinate says:

    I love watching your videos, in everyone there’s a point were I’m like
    “you’ve ruined it!” But it always pulls together perfectly!

  • Kathy Ahern says:

    Very cute! My 2 boys would love this!

  • Heidi Gassel says:

    You have been instrumental to my development in face painting. I’ve been a
    children’s party entertainer for years but didn’t really thrive with face
    painting till I studied your channel. THANK YOU!

  • MsSkyEmpress says:

    You are such a genius! Thank you thank you thank you for being so generous
    with your talent and designs.

  • WeasleyQueen77 says:

    how do you clean the paint off afterwards, i struggle with getting it off
    properly, and my parents always get mad

  • Shoen says:

    Hy! Today i used my eulenspigel 24 paletee for a clown look. When i use the
    colors i end up with a watery color….do i have to dab a lot in the color
    to have the full pigment? i don’t want to ruin the color ç_ç

  • tsunimee says:

    so cute. i love you so much xx

  • Angela Bassil says:

    have you ever tried funworld facepaints? do they work well?

  • Miss Make Over says:

    awesome !!!

  • WeasleyQueen77 says:

    ..paint. Now i have pretty much everything i need, and look forward to your
    upcoming designs. im even working on my own. i tried to email you once but
    got no response. I wont type your email adress now or else everyone will
    see it, but i did email you. Ithink i was 11 then though. Anyway, your
    designs rock,BYE!!!!!

  • Lisa Hunsel says:

    I have to tell you, I did this on my 15 month old Grandson last night for a
    quick last minute costume and it was a HUGE hit! Didn’t have the time to
    spend on it that I would have liked but it turned out great and he loved
    the attention! Thank you!! =D

  • KatytheLady says:

    Depends on where you live, but Michael’s stores carry Snazaroo which is
    decent face paint.

  • Cydne Palmer says:

    Hello Lisa, I think you are so fantastic! I just discovered you and am so
    glad I did! You are an awesome teacher and inspiration! Do you think you
    may do a peacock face design? I’d love to see your take on it! Thanks, Cydne

  • Sami Meade says:

    Your wonderful. I have been trying to do a hulk face design for my
    favourite boy but it just isnt rigt yet. Could you do a hulk version?
    Please please please 🙂

  • rebekah sheridan says:

    Going to use this one at an event today, thank you for your tips and
    inspiration Lisa.

  • Pathy Macias says:

    So nice and creative Frankenstein look ty…

  • Johanna Infante says:

    Very cute! This design is good for all seasons!

  • Lauren L says:

    This is amazing!!! Thank you so much for your tutorials! I’m just a mom
    with a daughter that loves to have her face painted. So thank you for
    helping me take it to the next level for her.

  • WagnerEvents says:

    Turned out great, a very unique and cute design, good job!

  • Sara Al Najjar says:

    Love it! Will definitely try this out.

  • WeasleyQueen77 says:

    ..because i decided to paint the little kids’ faces at a pot luck party my
    parents were hosting. I started looking up face painting ideas on youtbe,
    and found you. When i saw allof the cool stuff you were using, i begged my
    dad to buy some REAL face painting stuff. I started searching online, and
    then spent around 150 dollars on face paint. I did all of the designs that
    i could, starting with the cat, thrn the puppy, and then the bumble bee.
    then two months later i spent 100 dollars more on…..

  • madelinexemma says:

    You look like candice swanepole

  • WeasleyQueen77 says:

    Hi, my name is Jafnun, i am twelve years old. Over the summer I watched
    pretty much every single video that youve posted, and have even started to
    paint myself. Ive only been doing it since, like, i think june or july, and
    have been doing all the designs that i can. I finally got a youtube
    account, or else i would have posted this a while ago. you may be wonderin
    why a 12 year old girl would be interested in face painting, well i bought
    one of those cheap face painting kits from party city….

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