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In today’s vlog I explain why I like painting oil over an acrylic underpainting. Plus I have a new giveaway to announce. Author Tim Mettey of the Hero Chroni…

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  • TheCorySimpson says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever combined mediums, but I do like to enhance color
    pencil drawing highlights with white ink or paint!

  • trellbfieldArts _ says:

    thats freakin amazing! wow i love that painting! feels so surreal!

  • AshleyLynnArt says:

    Thank you so much for explaining how you work with acrylic and oils! I
    always work with acrylic because of how fast they dry and how they are
    aren’t as messy, but I would like to try oils in the future and I would
    really like to give this method a try.

  • A Wag says:

    Wow, the timing of this video was uncanny! In my art class, we are doing
    oil paintings, and I’ve only ever worked in acrylic, so oil is very
    different to me. My teacher wants us to do an acrylic monochromatic
    under-painting, and glaze over it with color using oil paint. I am
    struggling so much with it, but thanks to your advice, it has now cleared
    up a bit, so Thank you! 🙂 

  • echoes277 says:

    I really like to work with a mixture of watercolors and inks! I always have
    a bottle of India ink handy

  • Chad Dewey says:

    I love to mix pencil crayon with chalk pastels. And I will even use some
    acrylic paint to bring out some of the high lights.

  • John Collins says:

    Anybody that has worked in a paint store knows that u cant put acrylic over
    oil. It won’t stick. But u can put oil over acrylic. I do the same thing. U
    are very talented.

  • Slap Stick says:

    Great discussion! I have a strange question. When you paint in oil vs.
    acrylic, does the ‘sound’ of the oil being brushed on the canvas sound
    different to you than acrylic? Do you feel this has any psychological
    effect on workflow? 

  • Peter Palmiotti says:

    Outstanding work, thanks for sharing your process! 

  • Grant Liebezeit says:

    Good job. Keen to give it a go.

  • Ron Simons says:

    This is a very good idea Lisa. In my case I just hate everything about
    oils outside of how the paint looks on canvas. The clean up for me always
    leaves a mess lol. I gave my oils to my daughter a long tie ago.
    But on another note; where is your crab already? Is it still molting? Did
    it die? Shouldn’t he be in your videos? Haha Just kidding you…..
    mostly. All the best and warn people that oils are a mess and your wife
    will hate you for the smell and mess in her sink. Any sink. 

  • Lachri Fine Art says:

    In today’s vlog I am explaining why I like painting oil over acrylic, and
    I’m announcing a new giveaway 😀 

  • Louie Tokarz says:

    Hi Lisa, great videos. You may be interested in these paints shown in this
    Art Lesson with Master Artist Barry McCann

    Keep up the great work!!

  • Ron Simons says:

    OH! and make sure you show us your Halloween costumes we know it’s you at
    the door. ;)

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