Kids play with paint a get it all over their faces -

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  • Veggietorials says:

    “No juice for you” C’mon Dad, that’s the best you got?
    My parents would threaten us with cold chicken liver and pigs feet for
    dinner if we misbehaved. #ScaredStraight 

  • James Marin says:

    Kids build stairs, get creative with paint and have fun. What is wrong with
    that? This is a perfect example of how our society is backwards. People are
    more concerned with the protection of material possessions rather than the
    protection of their children’s creativity and curiosity. The father’s
    laughter is evidence of the truth trying to come out. This is a fun and
    joyous situation not one that warrants a time-out or punishment. I am not
    saying to let kids run wild, but they must have an outlet for their
    creativity or else things like this will happen. If they do happen, enjoy
    them and marvel in the creativity of your children. Life is too short. 🙂 

  • Narwhal Bacon says:

    Looks like a single father type situation.
    Would this happen if a woman was looking after them?
    Tune into the YouTube comment section where +Berta Lovejoy will surely
    *weigh* in on this matter.

    ~Narwhal Bacon, /r/news reporter. 

  • Betty Cogburn says:

    My grandson did something similar one time and I beat the tar out of him.
    I’m very impressed with the amount of restraint you were able to have, I
    can’t say I would have done the same. Just be aware that they may grow up
    to be thugs if you don’t punish them enough, I’ve seen it first hand.

    ~Betty Cogburn, Southern by the Grace of Giod

  • Sir Clifton Writingham of Reddit says:

    Those young gentlemen are too old to be getting into mischief like that.
    When I was their age I was already swinging my Katana and writing Anime fan
    fiction over in /r/Anime (I’m now a mod, FWIW.) 

  • Justintime says:

    This is the proper way to parent!

  • Danica DeCosto says:

    It was a good idea. They could go hide in the bushes in camouflage.

  • Danny Deville says:

    The first time I got hit and belted by my dad was when I was 4 for
    colouring on some important papers he left out on the table. Most of the
    comments keep saying that the kids should be punished more strictly. In my
    opinion, I would trade my dad for the dad in the video in a blink of an eye
    if I had the choice, most of my friends that grew up with a non abusive
    father have the best and kindest personality. The ones who had dads worst
    than mine are the ones with slit wounds on their wrist plus an addiction
    problem and a deep eternal hatred for their ‘beloved father’. A child ends
    up a spoiled asshole because of idiotic parents not because lack of abuse.

  • Karina Hunter says:

    interesting that kids that age would be so precise and careful around their
    eyes… curious. almost like it was actually a parent who carefully painted
    them? would most people not show the ‘big mess’ if this really was done by
    the kids without any coaching?

  • Mitch Wagner says:

    *Father tries to give two young boys a proper scolding for playing in the
    paint, but can’t help losing his shit laughing.*

  • Chilli Crab says:

    Hahahahahahahaha…! Awwwww….

  • PurpleWaffle5 says:

    Just in case anyone is wondering why the “Reddit” comments are so bad, is
    because they aren’t from reddit. There are posts on 4chan that say when a
    video gets on the front page, so they then comment really stupid and
    uncreative things to make reddit looks bad. Now i’m not defending reddit a
    100%(mostly because there are a bunch of assholes on it, just like any
    other popular media site), because there are some users who think the ‘LE
    REDDIT ARMY HERE XD!!!!’ comments are funny; i’m just trying to convince
    people who haven’t been on the website that were not all assholes and

  • Stephan Sperling says:

    Hach, ich freu mich auf meine zwei Jungs!
    Mädchen würden sowas doch nie tun, oder?

  • srba filipovic says:

    lol the blonde kid is fucking retarded

  • pengun man says:

    I think you should punish the, after the shower because there is this think
    called skin cancer

  • MissKingdomVII says:

    LMAO! I like how with some questions one kid shakes his head “no” while the
    other says “yes”. Lol!

  • kyng George says:

    That was cute , and funny lol but if they were black they would whoop their
    lil butts asap 

  • Jerome decloquement says:

    The white shirt kid looks like hulk

  • mairuzu says:

    The father trying not to laugh at the hilarity of their responses is too

  • uranglintau says:

    Now I wanna have kids of my own

  • Eromá Bezerra says:

    Estou apaixonada por essas crianças kkkkkk Não me canso de ver esse vídeo!!
    Eles são sapecas e fofos!! As coisinhas mais lindas desse mundo!!! In love

  • Mikhail Radayev says:

    Эти парни сделали мой день )))
    Два оболтуса пробрались в кладовку и надыбали там краску, дальше понятно
    что произошло )))
    Но как старшой сваливает на мелкого ))) тут и без перевода понятно.
    Видео на английском языке, но вы можете включить титры и перевод титров.

  • mindaugas iva says:

    Who got the paint out? I got the paint out and raped them with it and told
    them to not say a word or they will have paintballs next time instead

  • T Mitchell says:

    Did these babies eventually lose their paint job??? LOL and Please show
    us what they look like, for real!! this is so sad and hilarious!! poor
    Diddy too! <3

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