Need tips on what you can pay for the arts? -

Need tips on what you can pay for the arts?

question cs ? Need opinions on what to pay for art I paint a sign for someone, and it is 3 feet by 4 feet tall and I need to sign to paint both sides. I wonder what would have to pay a fair price for my time and supplies. I know that hiring a professional would cost a lot of money. I have experience, but not professionally. Suggestions? MerciMeilleure Answer: Response

Estelle W
it really depends on what you are creating and. Time / detail / skills and the purpose of pièceJ’ai paid someone $ 100 to paint a 4 x 5 is a 1950 man and woman with the face cut out, so that we keep our faces and take pictures, and I thought it was cheap, so pay an extra tip $ 25 (so $ 125 total) becuase I thought it was worth coup.Si is a poster for a shelter in a non-profit, do not need much. If this is the entrance to the headquarters of Citibank can download some milliers.Je select a price per hour as you worth pondering. Spend at least $ 10 an hour, and if it is worth to you, and that’s what the buyer to pay other contractors, and think it is in an expensive part of the country go up to $ 75 per hour, when it makes sense – yes, Nebraska high school student: $ 10 per hour, the owner of the New York gallery with a Master, $ 80 an hour, or something like that, how long it should ça.Calculez to paint, and you multiply these two numbers. Then you are 10 to 20 for the painting (and if you provide the canvas)

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  • ckswife says:

    I portraits. My average work out to about $ 30 per hour plus materials. If it takes an enormous amount of time to be a sign that you are not a professional rationalization I would not penalize paint your customers for this object. If you think you should quote a full day and a half (12:00), the customer is $ 300 – $ 360 and the labor costs of materials. You can always negotiate if they are a friend or to suppress the price – a bird in the hand …

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