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Exterior House Painting Part 2 – Caulking, Masking and Priming

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John Burbidge, author of the book “Watching Paint Dry,” demonstrates how to cut-in and roll walls to get great results. Visit http://www.howtopaintahouseright.com/ to view a complete series…

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  • 0bserver1 says:

    I’m a Dutch painter love 2 see how you guys do your job .. We don’t mask
    that much only when back rolling for sharp lines interior.
    All our windows frames are made of wood with thermopane glass finished with
    a synthetic sealant. .and we paintbrush them sharp out of hand.. BTW I saw
    you used acrylic sealants I use Sika UV 84 for exteriors very smooth
    handling just like acrylics but more flexibility and last longer. .have fun

  • Maxim Coatings says:

    Good Tips on prep, which is CRITICAL to a paint job

  • Hooter Bear says:

    That OPEINING music is irritating as fuck! You vids are good tho….get
    rid of that!

  • Paul Rhodes says:

    Great video! I do have a question do you use aluminum or fiberglass ladders
    I need to purchase a new ladder for my new painting business and did not
    know which to by or if aluminum is OSHA compliant I know aluminum is
    cheaper and lighter which is nice I need one for interior maybe a 3 or 4
    foot what do you think? thank you for all your help have a great weekend.

  • Karla Sheabon says:

    wow your videos are REALLY good .. you’re a great teacher you seem to
    really know your job passionately. I like that.

  • Derek Cordova says:

    Did you remove the old caulking before applying a new layer, or just lay
    your bead over the existing caulk?

  • Air Handler says:

    do i caulk the bottom?

  • Misha Zero says:

    Great editing. Thanks guys.

  • GottaShopIt com says:

    I agree with you

  • PainterForHireVids says:

    good tips

  • sellhouseforcashnyc says:

    these tips are very helpful

  • SusieQ Gallagher says:

    Awww, no volume on this video!

  • DIOSpeedDemon says:

    Big Stretch use to be a great formula, but it seems to have been watered
    down in the last couple of years. Excellent video on our profession. 10
    stars. RH DSD

  • TrimlinePaintingInc says:

    @DIOSpeedDemon I have heard good things about the big stretch brand as
    well, but I haven’t used it to see for myself. And thank you for the

  • Tandag Surigao del Sur says:


    thank for the information and i think anybody can do the painting but one
    thing i wanted to know is can anybody post some information on how much
    does paint thinner used in one gallon paint? and what kind of paint used in
    wood and sement. What are quick dry enamel paint and flat wall paint for?
    Plz any information on this… thanks!!!

  • Yung Money says:

    about how much paint did it take to finish the walls in this room?

    I’ve done one coat for my bedroom and used a gallon and i’m going to go
    back and get another gallon and paint like this..

  • Sam Holloway says:

    These videos are incredible. Thank you for showing off your knowledge and

  • Joel Yarmesch says:

    Dumb question +howtopaintahouse , but if you don’t finish the room in one
    day, what do you do with the paint in the bucket? Will it “dry” out? Does
    it need to be put back in the can?

  • Paul Rhodes says:

    Another great video John! I do have a question I really like the tool box/
    step stool or seat you have in this video could you tell me the
    manufacturer and or maybe the model number please. I have found some
    similar but there very small yours seems to be a great size. Also I would
    love to see you make a video on the everyday tools a painter needs and
    maybe a look inside that nice tool box just an idea. Thank you again for
    all the great video I have watched them all and some more than once and I
    have learned tons have a great week.

  • Painting Contractor says:

    Hopefully that was flat !
    Cause of it had any satin or eggshell finish it would flash if you don’t
    cut and roll by section.
    Good info tho

  • noeleal says:

    I use to hold the Pole the way you hold it, but after my Teacher slape me
    in the back of the head a couple times I started to hold it the right way,
    the way you do it get the wall beautifull also, but it tires you making you
    less productive, the way I hold it is with the fore hand fingers pointing
    down so your wrist does not suffer from stress in the down stroke and your
    back is always straight. But thats me, wherever works for you men, cheers.

  • bruce wayne says:

    I feel that you use some steps that would be considered unnecessary with
    modern-day paints

  • busybusy123456 says:

    I’ve just finished painting my room. I wish I’d watched this video first!
    I’ll know for next time. Thanks for taking the time to make this.

  • Pamela Stegmaier says:

    I have bedroom walls that used to be wallpapered. Cleaned them well, I
    thought, but there is a smail area that has runs and the paint bubbled.
    How to I repair that section? I primed with oil based Zinnsser, then a
    base of light gray eggshell paint. I saw some runs before I applied the
    color paint and for some reason I thought it came from painting the
    ceiling. Now what do I do to repair the runs? Can I apply a coat of the
    oil primer again, feather it out, and cover with color again? It’s just a
    small section about 1′ x 2′ area with about a dozen runs in it and the
    paint bubbled. Or do I have to redo the whole wall??

  • TheShavarin says:

    During Lay off, do I need to put the roller again into paint bucket?

  • lilone says:

    Hahaha the walls are thirsty
    Ive been painting for a while now and seeing videos still gives tips or
    helpful suggestion! Good videos!

  • Wen Li says:

    The top line from earlier is more visible (darker) will that look the same
    when is dried?

  • SomeRandomGuy says:

    John, if someone unskilled in painting is needing to paint ceiling and wall
    once the ceiling is dry would you recommend painters tap to get that fine
    edge where the ceiling meets the wall? Maybe it’s easier than it looks, but
    I doubt I could get that nice clean edge, as I don’t have the experience.

  • Shawn Lynch says:

    John, your videos are very helpful man. I’m trying to start up my own
    painting business, just building capitol. I was wondering how do you go
    about that big glob of paint that always forms on the edge of the roller? I
    think you know what I mean, the roller itself, not on the nap. I always
    have a problem with that dripping 

  • Kareen Lomax says:

    how come he didn’t tape up the ceiling ? didn’t he just paint it or is this
    before he painted the ceiling ? 

  • studisme says:

    Don’t you just love the sound of a roller on wet paint! (Or is it just
    me??!) lol

  • TheShavarin says:

    Great videos. Thanks for sharing your expertise. Merry Christmas and Happy
    New year.

  • Lareina Riley-Roberts says:

    you did a great job explaining how to paint, I love watching your videos.
    Really enjoy them. 

  • coderedlobster says:

    I see that when you paint, you go up and down on the wall. Everyone else
    tells me to paint in a W or M shape. Which is the better method and why?

  • tnycman says:

    Great vid.. How about the second coat of paint do you have to do the same
    procedure ?

  • Fanooseer says:

    My new house has the California knockdown finished walls and ceilings,
    would a flat or satin finish help to make it look a bit smoother? Also
    would a 1/2″ roller work well? Great videos btw.

  • David Veshapidze says:

    Thanks for the great videos, John. Wonder if you could answer a couple of

    1. You’ve mentioned same color painting of walls and ceiling. Any tips as
    to type of paint finish? e.g. if chosen eggshell for vertical walls, should
    ceiling be same color but matte finish?

    2. If you had to install hardwood in place of existing carpet, and paint
    walls, ceiling and trim, in which order would you do it? I’m thinking: 1.
    remove carpets and all the carpet railings, staples and padding. 2. Clean
    floors. 3. Patching 4. Paint ceiling 5. Paint walls 6. Paint trim, 7. Lay
    down hardwood liner 8. Install hardwood.

  • Alejandra Covarrubias says:

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