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Exterior House Painting Part 2 – Caulking, Masking and Priming

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Jibber Jabber about how to make a bunch of pink flowers look 3-D and the logic behind color choices. All of the paint is interior acrylic latex house paint. …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • 0bserver1 says:

    I’m a Dutch painter love 2 see how you guys do your job .. We don’t mask
    that much only when back rolling for sharp lines interior.
    All our windows frames are made of wood with thermopane glass finished with
    a synthetic sealant. .and we paintbrush them sharp out of hand.. BTW I saw
    you used acrylic sealants I use Sika UV 84 for exteriors very smooth
    handling just like acrylics but more flexibility and last longer. .have fun

  • Maxim Coatings says:

    Good Tips on prep, which is CRITICAL to a paint job

  • Hooter Bear says:

    That OPEINING music is irritating as fuck! You vids are good tho….get
    rid of that!

  • Paul Rhodes says:

    Great video! I do have a question do you use aluminum or fiberglass ladders
    I need to purchase a new ladder for my new painting business and did not
    know which to by or if aluminum is OSHA compliant I know aluminum is
    cheaper and lighter which is nice I need one for interior maybe a 3 or 4
    foot what do you think? thank you for all your help have a great weekend.

  • Karla Sheabon says:

    wow your videos are REALLY good .. you’re a great teacher you seem to
    really know your job passionately. I like that.

  • Derek Cordova says:

    Did you remove the old caulking before applying a new layer, or just lay
    your bead over the existing caulk?

  • Air Handler says:

    do i caulk the bottom?

  • Misha Zero says:

    Great editing. Thanks guys.

  • GottaShopIt com says:

    I agree with you

  • PainterForHireVids says:

    good tips

  • sellhouseforcashnyc says:

    these tips are very helpful

  • SusieQ Gallagher says:

    Awww, no volume on this video!

  • DIOSpeedDemon says:

    Big Stretch use to be a great formula, but it seems to have been watered
    down in the last couple of years. Excellent video on our profession. 10
    stars. RH DSD

  • TrimlinePaintingInc says:

    @DIOSpeedDemon I have heard good things about the big stretch brand as
    well, but I haven’t used it to see for myself. And thank you for the

  • zie zak says:

    Fantastic. Beautiful choice of colors.

  • Clara Brown says:

    what type of paint did you use?

  • Maria Veliz says:

    Thank you very much for this :]

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