How do I paint transparent objects with oil paints? -

How do I paint transparent objects with oil paints?

Question by Ann: How do I paint transparent objects with oil paints?
Anything see-through, like glass, bubbles, or anything else.


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Answer by BeBe
It’s hard to describe how to paint in words. You can use transparent oils. Some oils are opaque and some are transparent. You can use galkyd, liquin or Lukas painting butter mediums. Just knowing how to paint in oils, you will automatically know how to do it.
Here’s a good video about painting a glass of water –

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  • dragonlady says:

    regular oil paints are not going to work on glass, especially if you are going to use it for anything….why not go to your local hobby store, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or the craft area at Walmart and buy the Delta glass paints? some are very easy (depending on what you are using the item for) and do not require anything but painting on the object – not for eating or drinking from, merely to look at. Others can be applied and baked in your own home oven at a very low temp and will hold up under wear, but I don’t think they can be put in the dishwasher. You have to read the label before purchase.

  • Winsor&Newton says:

    its very difficult to say in words because it has thousands of details , like any other subject use your eyes .

    look how this artist painted it :
    get some glasses and put them on a table and study them .

    good luck !

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