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Learn How To Paint In Oil – Oil Painting Lessons

Learn How To Paint In Oil – Oil Painting Lessons Be sure to visit this artist’s website: http://f3c4f75b.tinylinks.co.

This demo shows my process of oil painting where I combine traditional techniques with contemporary approach to painting. “Keeper” is 36×48 inches, framed and available for purchase. Visit…
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  • Ketil Rasmussen says:

    just like watching paint dry

  • Carlos Ortega says:

    Amazing is a great tutorial 

  • clealuira says:

    Wow hes been painting for years and cant see that the background is getting
    lighter with his bare eyes? This video has put me right off beginning to
    paint – bring back bob ross.

  • Ayush Rajbhandari says:
  • Nicholas Welch says:

    Best instructional video ever! Kudos for everything!

  • Marina Garcia Solorzano says:

    You are wonderful teacher but mainly a consummate artist…THANKS A LOT FOR
    ALL I HAVE LEARNED FROM YOU! I wish all your kindness to teach unknown
    people, will returns to you the double!

  • manuel felix says:

    His method is great. It shows you need patience, discipline, and a great
    eye for details. Surely old master painters before photography, and
    electricity had to have all the above, and more.

  • heidi eriksen says:

    Love this.. i learned a lot.. Thank you :)

  • Cynthia Lane says:

    Wow. I learned more from this video than a month of classes. Beautiful

  • chris bashford says:

    God what a long winded man……he just goes on and on! and what’s with
    that stupid colour checker? I studied at St Martins Art School in London
    and never heard of one.
    It’s distracting. I think a little bit more enthusiasm would go a long way.

  • Robert Gaunce says:

    I have to know. What did you mix with your oils? or what kind do you use.
    Your paints on the pallet seem to be very soupy. creamy. ( XD art terms).
    But my oils are usually pretty thick. Even with liquin. Or turps put in
    them. I can’t ever get a thickness like this. I would love to know how to
    achieve it. It would make my life much easier 

  • rockingintherockies says:

    Fittine fuckun bruchs in hand thats fuckun cool 

  • gatsbi007 says:

    Thanks. Gave me so many clues. Can’t wait to buy some supplies.

  • Annaed marie says:

    Thank you so much Markx

  • Jason Lewis says:

    Not even going to give credit to Mark Carder? The actual artist in the

  • Jon Anderson says:

    I’m 20 minutes in and I believe I’m done. It’s very, very difficult
    watching you with that color checker. You spend more time with that than
    you do actually painting. I thought the point of artistry is your
    interpretation of something? Just paint what you think you see. Very

  • Gloria Bermea says:

    I’m so inspired with your teachings. Was afraid to tackle oils. You make it
    so easy. I’m doing it! Thx…Glo

  • Lori Smith says:

    Ron, this was great, as was your instruction on how to make a color checker
    and use it. Where do you live? I would like to take lessons from you.

  • Colleen Swiniarski says:

    You are the best teacher!!!!

  • herda s says:

    hermoso maestro….gracias

  • mandy o says:

    great video…. I was waiting the whole time for the white shadow below
    the handle on the table, but it got missed. talk about anticipation…
    lol. I enjoyed it very much though.

  • em iSkate says:

    Thanks for your free lesson.

  • matchymom says:

    I notice a point about most of the painters, they do not tell the name of
    the colours that they are using while painting. good point to check your
    video and why is there always a mystery about what designated tube colors
    are you using. meant to be constructive.. I am reviewing a lot of you tube
    demos today/ 

  • Yuri Hatake says:

    what is the name of the type of canvas used here? the brown canvas?

  • FelineSamantha says:

    If I knew someone had used me as inspiration for such a beautiful piece,
    I’d be so honored! You are so amazingly talented! :D

  • Brok3nSarcasm says:

    Sorry to bother you, I think your work is stunning! Just wondering but
    which type of glaze do you use?

  • metaphysics anyone? says:

    Bravo excellent painting!

  • Craig B says:

    Thank you Veronica Winters! As a beginner oil painter you have helped me
    tremendously! You are absolutely amazing. I think I love you! Haha.

  • carminesilverado says:

    I enjoyed you painting this ,very nice ,I subscribed ,thank you

  • Whitedove Apple says:

    i have to go to bed but will be back you have taught me so much but its
    1 am church in the morning you are awesome

  • Joie Sia says:

    how long did this paint take you make?

  • Peter Brkan says:

    This is amazing, I really enjoyed watching your art. Thank you!

  • Francesco Nowhere says:

    Really amazing.

  • Rick Jaremback says:

    Very awesome, step by step guide of the basics. This helped me progress a
    lot along my journey to learning to oil paint efficiently. Thanks!

  • sophatra thorng says:


  • jennyince says:

    Wow thanks so much for sharing!!! x

  • Conosur2008 says:

    OMG! You are so amazing! What a wonderful painting, I love it!

  • Kimberly Ludvik-Bøhmer says:

    why do you work in layers? (I work in layers too, just curious on another’s
    perspective) ☥ ❤

  • Ron Agl says:

    where did you get this size canvas?

  • Shani Solomon says:

    This has helped me so much! I finally understand the process, thanks for
    this video! And this painting is great 

  • Ronald Evans says:

    I love your art . How long do it take you to do a picture? 

  • Thomas Simone says:

    You are Absolutely Amazing, Wow!!!!!!!

  • John Esslemont says:

    A real artist at work , congratulations.

  • Carlos Solis says:

    I love your work! Thank you for this wonderful video.

  • PetarProduction says:

    Lovely work!

  • jorddy josue chavarria lopez says:

    is beautifull beautifull, congratulations

  • PharaohMoan says:

    A privilege to watch. Thank you!

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