Making Clouds Rain using liquin an oil painting tips and tricks video from Tim Gagnon -

Making Clouds Rain using liquin an oil painting tips and tricks video from Tim Gagnon

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  • James Taylor says:

    Tim, just a quick question please. Are you using the effect over an acrylic
    painting or an oil, and is the liquin mixture you are using this get this
    effect again, oil or acrylic?

  • Alva Art says:

    This is my fav. medium.

  • Alva Art says:

    You are so tallented. Thank you for your teaching here:)

  • MotherRuss1a says:

    “Have you ever can examine their liver values​?” What?

  • Jennifer Khattar says:

    do you use liquin only to give that sort of effect or do you also use
    liquin while doing the normal clouds as well?

  • Kim JonGin says:

    du n’importe quoi =)

  • samuel hallerman says:

    i love you

  • Brian Platz says:


  • silencedmachine says:

    That painting is awesome!

  • lilcutebanana says:

    Oppa Gagnon style 😀

  • Fr. Photios Cooper says:

    Tim, I think what would really complete your videos is a new microphone.
    It’s kind of hard to hear your voice with the studio echo going on.
    Otherwise these videos are great. Keep painting!

  • Talos1934 says:

    Tim all your paintings are wonderful. I like the colors, the composition,
    all…. This video is also very useful.. For me the liquin is like a
    magical product when you start to use it you can never paint without… I
    have a few questions for you : What type of colours ( Brand , quality etc..
    ) you use in your painting (acrylics and oils) ? What kinds of brushes (
    Brand, shape etc.. ) you use the most? Please make more videos!

  • Kathleen Bailey says:

    I’m really excited to have found you! I am in my first gallery!!! So
    excited about finding my artistic voice. I haven’t found a teacher locally.
    I am needing help to get to that next step. In my last painting I
    overworked it too much and lost some confidence. I am about to go to your
    website! Thank you for putting your work up here!! Yay!

  • Doa Win says:

    CC: (((uh… wait at the murder in italy- used by bring some of your

  • Ron Tee says:

    I think he’s referring to the fact that working in oils and turpintine and
    lquin type products can be toxic and affect your health. You have to be
    careful and work in well ventillated areas.

  • OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    I think the video is GREAT and viewers should realize these are not easy to
    produce(I know). Please remember Tim is a great teacher and it is a GIFT
    that he shares these videos with the public at all. When someone gives you
    a gift don’t turn around and complain about it. GREAT JOB TIM AND THANKS

  • Rosebud Art Studio says:

    oh my gosh tim this is really inspiring sadly i cant paint with oils for my
    life lol

  • Sharon Nead says:

    Holy poop. How do you do that? It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen, thanks Tim

  • Doa Win says:

    Guys put on the trancescriped adio. He lectures using wepons.

  • Ron Tee says:

    Was not impressed…I realize, of course, that he really didn’t put in the
    time to make it work

  • belovedsmallcat says:

    subtle but effective, thanks for this :3

  • Shedz Channel says:

    wtf are you on about?

  • تل الورود says:

    Whats a liquin??!!!

  • Theo Teodora says:

    You look a little like Dynamo..Btw I looove your work!

  • zeitentanz says:

    Have you ever can examine their liver values​​? I recommend this book by
    Moon McNeill “When art makes you sick.” I would not mention any company
    names, but please pay attention to their health.

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