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Oil Painting Tutorial – Flamenco Dancer

In this oil painting tutorial, artist Matt Abraxas shows you how to paint a flamenco dancer using an alla prima or wet-in-wet technique. —– Get our free oil painting ebook here: http://m.arttut…
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  • sylvia costello says:

    im a complete beginner not sure the understanding of medium such when to
    use linseed oil or glazing medium

  • Cathy Vanca says:

    very nice, thanks for sharing!

  • wozz wozzer says:

    Dude i loved the flow of the dress and the edges of the dress i will do a
    similar thing but with rougher flows. Thanks for the inspiration awesome

  • Bien Villarin says:

    Hello Matt. I have tried painting like what you did. Can I show it to you
    so you can criticize about what other things need to improve? Thanks.

  • Lynn Koukal says:

    I have watched many art and painting tutorials but when I watched you
    today, painting this technique I found it very enlightening and refreshing,
    and look forward to applying your suggestions in whichever media I paint
    in, I may even try oils again. There were several very important points
    which are basic to achieve the best results, thank you, and I did like the
    music accompanying your video. I think you are a very good artist…and
    look forward to watching you work more. Lyn 

  • Teresa Tilley says:

    Beautiful demo and love the music!

  • vijaykumar panchanathan says:

    wonderful to watch you.great.

  • Pamela Oldfield says:

    At the beginning he used very watered down paint. Was this done with
    turps? Fantastic video. I am thinking of taking up oils again. Really
    helpful. Thanks again.

  • 133742069 says:

    what medium are u using

  • Maria Kudelka says:

    Very beautiful!:-)

  • THEseemaMSK says:

    love the tutorial. 🙂 

  • Glyn Whiting says:

    Very helpful. I’ve been a professional artist for over 20 years, but never
    think I can’t learn something. Several things you have done I intend to
    experiment with in some of this years work. 

  • carmen prieto says:

    I really like how you paint Matt , I hope to see lots more
    demonstration of your techniques here ,, . Thanks 

  • Noelia Garcia says:

    thank you for sharing …absolutely lovely such an inspiration thank you!
    ….if you dont mind me asking I paint only with acrylic I feel intimidated
    by oils 🙁 but your method here is super easy and I will give it a try
    :)..my question is if I finish an oil painting and would like to sale it
    how long does it have to be before I can do it? and can I seal it like I do
    with acrylic? 

  • wilsocn says:

    This is excellent. His style and the end result reminds me of Sargent.

  • Prince Majik says:

    Love your artists! they’re so inspiring! and love your channel! you guys
    are awesome!


    Loved it!!! thanks so much for posting!

  • Clinton Steve says:

    Wonderful tutorial and a great painting, very useful, well done and thank

  • Aroushi says:

    Just.. Just amazing…!!!! Is there a part 2 ??
    Can you do a basics video…for starting with oil paints. ..tools
    brushes…mediums used…?? Plz do it…!!!

  • Jaime A says:

    When I saw this video last week, my jaw dropped because I’ve had that
    picture on my computer for a few weeks, wanting to do something with it.
    Thanks to this video, I got the kick in the read end I needed to get going,
    and finished it today. I’m a very beginner (started in December) and work
    in acrylic, and worried it may have been above me, but I think I did it
    justice. http://i.imgur.com/F7PdvBS.jpg

  • Thomas Allen says:

    Thanks for sharing your talent, Matt! As an amateur watercolor artist, I
    enjoy watching professionals of the three different mediums reveal the
    details that piece together a wonderful painting; and, your instructions
    and explanations allow us to believe we can also create something so

  • Michael P says:

    Is there a part 2? Could have watched for hours.

  • Amy Smock says:

    Beautiful! I loved seeing this come together! 

  • hadeel abdullah says:

    Wow! I like your painting style, it was really helpful for me thank you<3

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