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Point N Paint As Seen On TV Painting System Kit


Point N Paint As Seen On TV Painting System Kit


Price: $9.99

Two reviews (one bad and one good) are presented here for the Point N Paint As Seen On TV Painting System Kit.

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(Review 1)  My husband ordered the Point ‘n Paint. It does not work at all like the commercial says. It does not reach the edge and you still have to cut in with a brush. The pole attachment part on the big pad broke in two places after very little use. The plastic on the back of the pads broke when I was washing them out. The paint job was smeary and uneven. The pan with the roller was the only worthwhile part of the whole package. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT there are much better edgers in the paint section of any store that sells paint supplies.

(Review 2):  Yesterday, I painted three of the four walls of our son’s nursery (a large bedroom) – almost 7 months pregnant (I’m doing the last wall today – it’s a different color). While the Point and Paint takes a bit of getting-used-to, it does pretty much what the ads say. I’d like to address other peoples’ most common areas of comment:
(1) re: pads snapping off: YOU HAVE TO SNAP THEM ON REALLY HARD. Once snapped on, it’s difficult to get them off. With use, I don’t even see how it’s possible to have the pad snap off during use.
(2) re: edging: admittedly, I did edge the ceiling (because I didn’t use a ladder tall enough to see up close to the pad. Hence, the four stars – not five. However, I did not tape the other edges of the room (which included baseboards, a door frame, and intricate window frame. I WAS CAREFUL NOT TO GET TOO MUCH PAINT ON THE PADS, and NOT TO GOOP THE PAINT ON THE EXPOSED EDGES. By watching these two things, I was able to nicely edge everything, and not get dripping or bleeding.
(3) re: the floor: admittedly, I did get a spot of paint on the floor. This was by my error, though, and nothing to do with the system.
(4) re: the time it saves: I would agree that it does save a lot of time – mostly in the area of prep. I didn’t tape, put sheets down, or have to mess around with multiple rollers or anything. I took my time around edges (which I would do with a roller or brush anyway), but the large face areas of the walls were done much quicker – and more evenly.
I did not use the ceiling pole, so I can’t comment on using the ceiling attachment function, but it seems you need to have a pole that fits the unit very well.
I would suggest to anyone considering this product to read all the customer reviews you can out there on the internet (notice people are actually very unhappy, or very happy with it!), and learn from those unhappy peoples’ mistakes. Before opening the package, I came to realize that the happy people were using the product correctly as intended. That’s what I did to prepare, and it worked out great.

Conclusion Rating
The Point N Paint As Seen On TV Painting System Kit is a popular item but has gotten mixed reviews.
3 stars

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